The flagship of the Necromonger Armada is being called Basilica, among other though, the Basilica contains their capital, Necropolis, where the Lord Marshal usually resides.

Right at Necropolis Purification shall happen, further more it contains a large hall and the throne room that is owned by the Lord Marshal, the leader of the Necromongers.

Their latest Lord Marshal, Zhylaw, described Necropolis as it follows: “The Necropolis is our constant reminder of the glorious and ever-expanding Necromonger Empire. As a powerful testament to Necroism, Khovu, the first Lord Marshal, erected Necropolis on the tallest mountain of Asylum. But it was not until the third Lord Marshal, Naphemil the Navigator, that the structure was unearthed and entombed inside the Basilica ship, where it remains today. And so with each new world we conquer, the purified may bow before this monument to Necromonger power and glory.”