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Pavel froze at the foot of the stairs up to Necropolis. 

That voice was familiar…too familiar…and he’d thought he’d never ever hear it again. Slowly he turned and met Vaako’s eyes, the colour draining from his face as he stared at him.

"You…" he breathed shakily, "Vaako…I thought you were…I thought you were dead…"

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Karl Urban: Favourite Character Ships

Vaako x Dame Vaako (The Chronicles of Riddick)


((Vaako. Your face for the first and second picture.))

Have you ever had sex covered in blood?



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“It’s on my list.” was all he said.

The hand on Vaako’s throat tightened marginally as he crushed their lips together, shoving his tongue through the grip of teeth and in the wet openness of mouth. Riddick found Vaako’s tongue instantly, coaxed it into yet another play for dominance. He dropped his hips down atop the Commander’s while his second hand released the arm he had pinned in favor of burying his fingers in sleek black hair. Pulling his mouth away, Riddick cupped the underside of Vaako’s chin and jerked his head up, giving himself room to bite a tendon protruding from his neck. He sucked a mark onto his skin, then bit harder, wanting to draw blood.

Grunting lowly there was hardly anything he could do this very moment to prevent the further events from happening as Riddick already proceeded to take over his mouth. Vaako was tempted to bite the other’s tongue, very tempted. But his ambitious attempt found itself distracted as Riddick ground their hips together. “Marking your territory, is that it?” Eventually he did not even fight the way his neck was presented to Riddick, instead he used his newly gained freedom to move and dragged his nails along Riddick’s back, tearing at his clothes. His revenge came around as he managed to shift his hand between their bodies and, without any further warning nor hesitation, cupped the other’s balls. “You sure you want to do this, my lord?


Did this hope you’ll like it …. Maggie Lee Urban


Did this hope you’ll like it …. Maggie Lee Urban


"Or what’s in back of you." the brunette exhaled roughly and pulled the trigger back on her Beretta handgun. Just like that the undead behind the other had fallen with a dull thump onto the pavement.

With a shrug of her shoulders Rain began to turn on her heel, satisfied that she had at least saved one person.

Krone. The Necromonger did not even need to turn around to know who was promoted to full death one moment ago. The Captain who likely had been after Vaako’s title. Commander General, maybe even Lord Marshal. Instead of looking back he kept his eyes locked upon the woman who was already about to turn away and leave.

"Care for an explanation why you’d kill him before you leave? You might even receive anything he used to possess. You keep what you kill.”